$1000 AA Scholarship Award Program for Students

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Akrami & Associates is a proud supporter of education and youth initiatives. At Akrami & Associates, we strongly believe that investing in our students is a strong investment in our future. As such, Akrami & Associates would like to introduce the annual AA Scholarship Award.

This scholarship seeks to reward those students who are committed to higher education and are dedicated to their educational goals. Annually, Akrami & Associates will be awarding this scholarship to one lucky student to help facilitate their education and ease the financial stresses that many students often face. Akrami & Associates will award $1000.00 to a student studying in Canada or the United States and $500.00 to a student wishing to study internationally.

The Scholarship will be awarded based on eligibility and criteria below.

In order to qualify, you must be enrolled into a post-secondary institution with a minimum GPA of 3.0. To be eligible for assessment you must submit:

  1. The Application Form;
  2. A Written Assignment;
  3. Proof of your enrollment in a post-secondary institution; and
  4. Your transcripts/Mark Sheet

How To Submit Your Application

Below, you will find instructions on how you can take part and submit an application for your chance to win. There are no age requirements so long as all other criteria have been met. We wish all applicants success in their endeavours but only one applicant will be chosen.

Step 1:

Begin by completing our Application Form which can be found by clicking here.

Step 2:

Complete an online written assignment. Akrami & Associates wishes to inspire and stimulate discussion on the subject of immigration and how it affects us on a national and international level. On a website, blog or online forum, write a minimum 700 word post that:

  • Discusses the impact that immigration has on the economy both foreign and domestic,
  • Whether or not immigration is a privilege or a right, and
  • Whether current governments opinions or policies support or oppose immigration.

Your write-up must include a link back to the Akrami & Associates websites, TheVisa.ca & ToImmigrate.com .

Evaluation will be based on:

  • Completeness,
  • Fullness and formulation of opinions and ideas,
  • Factual support and evidence of concepts,
  • Creativity,
  • Spelling and Grammar.

Step 3

Enclose in an envelope or scan and email us:

  • Your completed application form,
  • A printed copy of your online submission indicating the website where it was posted,
  • A Letter of acceptance from a post-secondary institution, and
  • A copy of your transcripts.

Step 4

Mail your application to:

C/O AA Scholarship Award

1440 Hurontario St
Mississauga ON,
L5G 3H4

or you can email your application to Scholarship At TheVisa.ca


Please note that applications must be submitted prior to September 30 to be considered for the upcoming fall semester. The Scholarship will be awarded by November 30, each year. Scholarships will be awarded once per academic year.

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