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Finding assistance with the immigration matter can be a stressful experience. There are many immigration firms out there that offer you a variety of different things as well as make promises that may appear very lucrative.

Our team of highly skilled immigration professionals have been working in the immigration field for a number of years and have legitimate and applicable hands on experience handling any immigration matter.

Canada is a land of opportunity and is comprised of a multicultural society; we all came from somewhere else. That has been the inspiration behind our firm - immigrants helping immigrants.

We're not simply professionals who have studied and gained this experience - we have learned of it firsthand. The stresses of trying to pull together all your pertinent documentation, trying to figure out how to obtain documentation that's missing and the nervousness of submitting an application and waiting for the processing time are just some of the nerve wracking situations that every applicant may go through.

That is why Akrami & Associates is different from most immigration firms, because not only are we assisting you with processing your application, we have walked in your shoes and have a unique perspective on what you are going through.

Understanding both sides of the spectrum also provides a unique view on how to handle your case, both from the side of the client and one from the immigration officer. We will help you compile documentation that is not only required by Citizenship and Immigration Canada, but recommended documentation that will help strengthen your case.

Your goals become our goals and your success is our successes. We firmly believe in our motto, With Akrami & Associates, there is always a way.

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