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The International Graduate Stream of the Alberta Immigrant Nominee Program is directed at offering a nomination for permanent residence for those who have already obtained an education in Alberta. Watch our video to learn about the roles and responsibilities of the employer and the applicant when it comes to meeting the eligibility criteria to obtain your permanent residency in Canada as the applicant.

PNP Alberta International Graduate Stream

Role of the Employer:

  • registered business in Alberta
  • full time job for the candidate: NOC A, B, O or C
  • meeting employment standards

Role of the Applicant:

  • intent to live and work in the province of Alberta
  • working full time for the employer that is filing your application
  • jobs should be NOC A, B, O or C
  • proof of education from province of Alberta (degree or diploma)
  • two semesters or one year program
  • language test results

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