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Our Application Kits are custom made to provide anyone with the necessary understanding and tools needed to make a successful application to Citizenship and Immigration Canada.

Akrami & Associates developed these kits to empower clients with the knowhow and confidence to achieve their goals by offering these easy to understand and step-by-step guides to Canadian immigration.

We have kits available on most matters, ranging from temporary to permanent matters.
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The Immigration kits take into consideration that not everyone is going to be an immigration expert, and you don't need to be. With our application kits, even the most complicated matters can be broken down into smaller bite size processes that are easy to grasp and help keep you organized.

Each kit starts by providing you with an overview of what to expect, what you are applying for and what your end goals will be. From there, it analyzes the documentation you need to collect, the qualifications you will need to demonstrate, while providing you with steps on exactly how to do this.

At this point, the kits will then teach you how to STRENGTHEN your case by providing you detailed templates and how to anticipate the needs of an immigration officer making a decision on your matter.

If being successful meant submitting everything on the CIC document checklist - there would be no refusals.

Our kits will not only help you put together your application, but help you compile one that has the highest chance for success.

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