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Our application kits are a step-by-step tool to help you achieve your goals in Canada. Each application kit is broken down into several sections that address the merits and qualification of each application type.

Have you ever been confused on how to demonstrate a qualification? Ever felt nervous about submitting an application? Didn’t know how to answer “ Part 3, section 4, question (7c)”?

Our kits will provide you with the clarity that so many people who attempt these complex matters on their own lack. It will give you the confidence that you submitted the strongest possible case and allows you to be worry free. And finally, never again will you scratch your head and wonder how to draft an invitation letter, personal statement, reference letter, employment contact etc as these are all provided to you.

What to Expect in the each Kit

1. Our kits begin with a general overview and description of the type of application this is. It provides you with the basic concepts and key points that you should keep in your mind while compiling your application.

2. From there it clearly outlines the various qualifications and requirements of the category you are applying for and helps you grasp the key factors that you will need to demonstrate throughout the application, ensuring that you accurately and definitively meet each point.

3. The kit then proceeds to outline every form and document you will need to compile a strong application. We even give you some insider tips and tools on how to anticipate the officer’s needs and provide additional documentation to strengthen your case. These documents are not requirements as described in the Citizenship and Immigration document checklist but come with an understanding after years of experience and practice. For example, we provide you with a template submission letter that you can use to attach to your application. A submission letter is something that might typically be drafted for you by a legal representative to make sound and conducive legal arguments that outline the merits of your case. With our simple to understand and “fill-in-the-blank’ templates, now you too can submit an application like a pro.

The goal of these kits is to provide guidance, knowledge and assistance to all… not just those who can afford legal fees.

Coming to Canada should be an exciting adventure not a stressful obstacle. With our kits, we remove the stress for you so you can focus on your goals.

With Akrami & Associates, there is always a way. TM

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