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The Provincial Nominee Program through British Columbia allows the province to select viable candidates for permanent residency in Canada. Watch our video to learn which occupations qualify under British Columbia Provincial Nominee Program (BCPNP) and what the requirements criteria is to receive nomination from the province of British Columbia.

PNP British Columbia

Under the British Columbia Provincial Nominee Program the following categories are included in the skilled immigration:

  • those that have managerial experience, administrative managers and people in the trades
  • health professional such as doctors and nurses
  • international graduates of B.C that have obtained their degree or diploma in the province of B.C
  • international graduates who have obtained their degree or diploma outside of the province of B.C
  • entry level and semi-skilled workers (truck drivers, persons that are in the hospitality department)
  • only under the North East part of B.C, the PNP program accepts NOC C and E (high school graduates, work experience in mines, heavy machinery operators)

If interested to apply for the province of B.C, five steps involved:

  1. acceptance letter from the province of B.C employer under one skilled categories
  2. submitting the application together (employer plus candidate information)
  3. PNP officer nominates you and gives you a work permit
  4. you and family members can apply for PR through CIC within 6 months
  5. once PR application is approved, very important to reside in B.C, and have no intention to leave

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