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This video will be discussing Business Visitor applications and how you can qualify as a Business Visitor to Canada. Watch our video and find out what documentation you need to include as the Business Visitor to have a successful application for the Canadian Port of Entry. 

Business Visitor Applications

To submit a strong Business Visitor Visa Application you must compile supporting documents to show your intentions is solely to conduct Business and will not enter the Canadian Labour Market. Usually, your intent as the Business Visitor should be less than 6 months as you will have a higher success rate in obtaining the visa. When your intentions to remain in Canada are longer than 6 months you are responsible for gathering sufficient supporting documents for the immigration officer to show you are Bona Fide Business Visitor.

One of the important factors to demonstrate you are Bona Fide Business Visitor is by showing the immigration officer your main source of income is coming from outside of Canada. This can be done by showing pay stubs, employment letter from your employer that attest to the fact that you are employed outside of Canada and your entry into Canada is strictly for Business. Also, the profits of your business have to be outside of Canada meaning you cannot accumulate any funds from inside of Canada. This mean all business transactions have to be happening outside of Canada.

You must also provide proper supporting documentation of the actual business that is outside of Canada. So if this is your business or you are employee of the business you can provide documents to show the business is registered outside of Canada.

The other things you can include with your Business Visitor Visa application include passport date page, bank statements to show you are able to support yourself during your time of stay in Canada. Also, including a letter that attests your stay in Canada is temporarily which can be provided by your employer explaining your nature of visit and that you will be coming back to your foreign country. Invitation letters are also very helpful this can be provided by the company you are visiting and explaining what you will be doing will visiting the Canadian company.

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