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If you have business related duties in Canada, you may qualify as a Business Visitor. To help you obtain Business Visitor Visa watch our video below that gives quick facts on how you can obtain status at the Canadian Port of Entry.

Business Visitor Facts 

If you are foreign national and have business to conduct in Canada you may be able to apply at the Canadian Port of Entry for your Visitor Visa as a Business Visitor. A Port of Entry application will be assessed on the spot by a CBSA or an immigration official that will make a determination while you are present. To qualify as a Business Visitor you must fall under one the several sub categories which include After Sales Service Agreement, Intra-Company Training or Installation Activities, Attendees of a Conference or Board of Directors meeting or some other gathering of colleagues and Employees of Short Term Residence.

After Sales Agreement is essentially when two foreign companies sign an agreement on the term and conditions they have to meet when purchasing a product from one another. For example, the Canadian company has bought a product from US company and the product purchased needs repairing. To fulfill the duties of the After Sales Service Agreement, the US employer sends a technician to repair the product which qualifies you as a Business Visitor.

Intra company training and installation activities include when you are sending a representative from a foreign company to a branch in Canada to train or implement new procedures or programs which also qualifies you as Business Visitor.

You are also considered a Business Visitor when you are attending a conference, business meeting or speaking at an event on behalf of your foreign company.

Finally persons employed in a personal capacity on full time basis by short term personal residence may also qualify as Business Visitor. For example, you are an American and travelling with a staff such as on site cheff, nanny or a caretaker of some kind. You may qualify as Business Visitor as long as the nature of your intended purpose is to work but without entering the Canadian Labour Market. This is an essential factor to determine if you are Business Visitor or if you have to apply for the Work Permit. Two main things to keep in mind is that any money or enumeration pay remains outside of Canada and that your intended purpose of business you have to conduct does not interfere with the Canadian Labour Market.

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