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Are you travelling to Canada for business and not sure whether you need to obtain a Canadian Work Permit? Watch our video below on what your roles and responsibilities are as a Business Visitor to Canada and how you can meet qualification criteria as a Business Visitor to Canada. 

Business Visitor Qualifications

A Business Visitor is someone who does not enter the Canadian Labour Market instead he/she visits Canada for conferences, seminars, gives lectures, attends meetings and only undertakes activities that is related to the international business.

In order to qualify as a Business Visitor there are few things to keep in mind that your source of income has to come from outside of Canada meaning you cannot get paid for your services from an employer in Canada. If you are performing a task such as lifting a pen and you get paid for that service then you do not qualify as a Business Visitor and have to apply for the Work Permit. As the Business Visitor you have to demonstrate supporting documents to show the officer that you are only coming for business. Some documents to show would include showing the officer what your schedule would be like such as meetings you will be attending, what your role will be as the business visitor, the invitation letter from the canadian organization, letter from the organization that states the applicant is employed full time by the company, after sales agreement, itinerary that shows activities that will be taking place once the applicant enters Canada and much more.

If you have inadmissibility issue that can range from minor to major criminal offense on record then be sure to take care of your situation prior to attempting to cross the border as the Business Visitor. Coming unprepared to the border with an inadmissibility issue the officer can deny you entry to Canada.

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