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Are you planning to visit Canada for Business? If so, then our watch our video below on what is a Business Visitor, what qualification criteria you have to meet and the documentation you need to prepare to be eligible as Business Visitor to Canada.

What is a Business Visitor

A Business Visitor is someone who does not enter the Canadian Labour Market meaning they wont be performing any work related duties or activities in Canada. This can be someone that attends business meetings, seminars, conferences or conducts sight visits to make observations. For the immigration officer to see you as a Business Visitor you can explain by stating how important this conference or business meeting is to you and explaining to the officer that your sole purpose will be to take notes and relay this information back to the foreign country.

You are also exempt from the Work Permit if you are conducting training or being trained on a product or service. For example, you are from the United States and your employer sends you to train the Canadian employees on the product/products the foreign country has purchased.  You are send to the Canadian company because these two companies have a service agreement which means the Canadian company does not have the knowledge to train their staff members on the product, therefore, the American company sends one of their employees that has proprietary knowledge of this product to train Canadian employees. The After Sales Service Agreement outlines the terms and conditions of the contract between the two foreign companies.

You are also considered a Business Visitor if you are buying goods from Canada for the foreign company, this can be either just coming to Canada to look at the product and making a final assessment or taking a look at the product before the contract is finalized.

If you have been Denied Entry to Canada and were asked to apply for the Work Permit but you know in fact that you are a Business Visitor but was unsure what to include with your Business Visitor Visa application then contact us today and let us assist you in compiling a strong application.

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