Refilling an Canadian Immigration Application Video

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Has your immigration application been refused? If so, you can re-file your application to strengthen your arguments, there are three ways to deal with this matter watch our video and learn what they are to submit a successful application to immigration Canada.  

Refilling an Canadian Immigration Application Video

Has your immigration application been refused? There are three ways of taking care of it, which include:

  • appeal
  • refile
  • reconsideration

Refiling means you start from ground zero, usually when you get your refusal letter from the immigration officer it states its reasons for grounds of refusal. Usually, the refusal letters are very generic and it does not really apply to you but some immigration officer are nice enough to be more specific. So assess the reasons for refusal and address them in the future application with supporting documentation.

Applying for reconsideration is when you believe the immigration officer has made the wrong decision on your application. For example, if you applied for visitor visa and the immigration officer indicated that you do not have sufficient travel history and you know that you do and have provided all the proof then you can ask for reconsideration. When you ask the immigration officer to reconsider its decision ensure you have provided photocopies of the initial documents you had sent out with the supporting documents and re-sending it again and informing the immigration officer to reconsider its decision as these documents for provided initially.

If your application has been refused and you like to weigh your options then contact Akrami & Associates today. Our immigration experts will assess your situation and determine the best options available to you whether to appeal, refile or apply for reconsideration.

With Akrami & Associates there is always a way!!

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