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Like to submit your immigration application to citizenship and immigration Canada? Not sure when you should start your immigration application such as Spousal Sponsorship application, Visitor Visa application, Study Permit application, Super Visa application etc. Watch our video below to find out when you should start your immigration application.

When Should I Start my Immigration Application

When starting any type of immigration application (spousal sponsorship, visitor visa, study visa etc.) it is recommended to start the application as soon as possible. The reason behind this is that you can start gathering the documents that pertains to your application, every application has different requirements so you need to get the document checklist for your application from the government website (cic.gc.ca). For example, when starting a Spousal Sponsorship application one of the documents you would need is a marriage certificate before submitting the application. However, you may not be married as of yet so you may think let me wait until I get marriage certificate before I start the application. It is recommended to start gathering all the other necessary documents pertaining to the application as it takes time.  Once you get married and have collected the marriage certificate just simply add it to application. If you had waited until you got married and obtained the marriage the certificate you would have probably wasted few months' right there. Spousal sponsorship can range from 15 months and up so best to get a head start with collecting documents in advance.

So whether you are submitting a Spousal application or Visitor Visa application, the recommendation is to start the application as soon as possible. Some of these documents need to be translated; some of them require original documents, etc. So this may take longer than you think by collecting these documents.

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