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Want to visit Canada? If so, there are three main requirements to apply for a Canadian Visitor Visa application also know as a Temporary Resident Visa (TRV). Watch our video on what type of documents you need to include in your application to demonstrate a strong application to the immigration officer in Canada.

Canada Visitor Visa Application Requirements

There are three main requirements when applying for Visitor Visa application and proving to the immigration officer that your intent to Canada is only temporary. When an immigration officer reviews your application they look for three things:

  • purpose of visit
  • ties to home country
  • proof of funds

Purpose of Visit

So whatever your reason of travel may be whether it is for tourism, business, visiting your friends or family members in Canada ensure that is comes across in your documentation. For example, if you are coming for tourism you should include a itinerary that is already scheduled these can include reservations you have made in restaurants, hotels, attractions, etc.

If you have family or friend inviting you ensure to include the letter of invitation and including all the information necessary and at the same time demonstrating the intent is temporary in Canada. For example, if you have girlfriend or boyfriend inviting you to Canada ensure ample ties to your home country is shown and the immigration officer has no doubts that you will remain in Canada with your partner. The person writing the invitation letter is very important and as the inviter you have to demonstrate that this person you are inviting is not your significant tie to Canada. So having a friend write you a letter is better because a friend is one step away from family or girlfriend or boyfriend.

Ties to Home Country

Another important aspect of the Visitor Visa application is proving ties to your home country any documents that will prove you will exit Canada at the end of your stay. This can be in the form of:

  • showing you have property back
  • showing you have family responsibilities, people that depend on you such (spouse, children, parents)
  • showing you have employment back home (pay stubs, employment letter)
  • bank accounts

Including documentation only is not sufficient enough for the immigration officer, but have a good explanation with each document you provide helps the immigration officer see a better picture of your ties to your home country.

Proof of funds

There is no rule of thumb as to how much money you have to show in the bank account to have your Visitor Visa application approved. The immigration officer looks at how much time you have requested to stay in Canada and from there assess if you have sufficient funds to show you can support yourself during your time of stay in Canada. For example, if you are asking to stay in Canada for one month, then be reasonable as to how much it will cost you to survive that one month in Canada. So the reasonable number will depend on where you will be staying, who is providing the accommodation, who is providing the food etc.

So if you are staying with someone include that in your application and any accommodations you are covered for, based on that you can come up with a reasonable amount you need to show in your account.

If you need help with a Visitor Visa application then contact Akrami & Associates today!! Remember these applications are not easily granted and require strong supporting documentation to prove your intent is temporary in Canada. This is were Akrami & Associates comes in to ensure we have all the documents for highest chance of success.

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