Officers at the Port of Entry Video

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If you are travelling to the Port of Entry and need to obtain status in Canada for your travels, you can expect to be "greeted" by an immigration officer. Watch our video on officers at the Port of Entry and learn how you can prepare yourself to answer hard questions asked by the immigration officers due to your inadmissibility to Canada. Furthermore, find out how we can help you prepare a Temporary Resident Permit (TRP) application to have a successful entry at the port.

Officers at the Port of Entry

Have you travelled to Canada and was stopped at the Port of Entry by an officer due to your inadmissibility issue or are you planning to travel to Canada and apply for your Temporary Resident Permit application at the border? If this is your situation then continue reading and find out how you can prepare yourself to help ease your entry to Canada.

It very important to understand the officers demeanor, depending which border you go to the behaviors of the officers do tend to change a little. Some borders are better than others due to the officers being more lenient or nicer. So when you travel to the border be prepared the officer is not there to be your best friend, they are not there to make things easy for you, they will ask hard questions and will say a lot of no's before possibly saying a yes. Being well prepared is the key to be on the good side of the officer. Ensure you have all your documents ready to show to the officer what your charges were and what you completed for it and what your reason for travel is. If the officer finds that the need for you travel to Canada outweighs the risk then most likely you will be allowed entry if the risk outweighs the need then you can expect to be turned back around.

To have better chance of success with entering any of the borders it is recommended to have an application for Temporary Resident Permit prepared by an immigration lawyer to help facilitate the process. Temporary Resident Permit applications are a complicated area of Canadian Immigration, made more difficult by the fact that you are already considered ‘inadmissible’ before applying. Your best chance at receiving an approval is by submitting a strong application with professional completed forms, ample evidence, and a strong narrative that highlights how you have undergone a change in behavior since your previous convictions, your remorse for your crimes, the validity of your need to enter Canada, and to thoroughly convince the officer that you will not reoffend while in Canada. This is best accomplished with the help of a skilled Immigration firm with hundreds of Temporary Resident Permit applications submitted on behalf of their clients. Don’t let a DUI, Misdemeanor, Felony, Theft or Assault charge prevent you from experiencing all that Canada has to offer, Akrami & Associates has the skills and experience needed to give you every advantage possible while navigating your inadmissibility, and Temporary Resident Permit application process. Contact us for a consultation today.

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