Travelling to Canada with a DUI Video

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Having a previous offense on record, like a DUI, can have a serious impact on your ability to travel to Canada. Watch our video and find out how you can overcome an inadmissibility issue and what type off application you need to fill out to be allowed entry into Canada.

Travelling to Canada with a DUI

Are you travelling to Canada with a DUI if you are you might be considered inadmissible to enter Canada. Those who have a DUI whether it happened 6 months, a year ago or more will require what called a Temporary Resident Permit (TRP). This document helps overcome your inadmissibility on a temporary basis. A Temporary Resident Permit can be issued up to 3 years maximum, depending on your citizenship and your situation. TRP can be filed at the Port of Entry and get a same day decision or you can submit the application at the Consulate level which can take about 8 to 12 months to get a decision. In order for the TRP to be issued at the Port of Entry your citizenship needs to be from a visa exempt country such as the United States. If you come from a non-visa exempt country then you can only submit the application at a consulate level.

If you have conviction of DUI on your record and five or more years have elapsed since the sentence was served or whatever that was imposed on you than you may eligible to apply for the permanent document known as Criminal Rehabilitation. The Criminal Rehabilitation is essentially a forever document; your past is essentially pardoned in the eyes of Canada, meaning you don’t constantly have to renew it unlike the Temporary Permit.

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