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With our "Do it Yourself Kits" you can complete your application like a pro! Watch our video to learn how we can help you submit your own immigration application!

Do It Yourself Immigration Kits

The "Do it Yourself Immigration Kit" is a step-by-step guidance on how you can submit your immigration application like a pro! If you are looking for a affordable way of filing an immigration application then the "Do it Yourself Immigration Kits" is for you.  The Do it Yourself Kit package includes templates, forms, where to submit, how to make payment, what documents to include with your package to make as strong as possible and much more. You can either purchase our Gold Package in which you will be on your own or you can purchase the Elite kit, that gives you one time feedback and one time consultation. It is recommended to buy the Elite Kit, so that the immigration representative can review your application and ensure you have included all the documents with your application, you have not missed any questions on the form or anything else that potentially harm your application.

A lot of times clients purchase our kits, because they have hard time finding the forms, documents they need to include with their application, how to make payment or where to submit. The immigration website is not very easy to follow, therefore, these kits make easier for you to submit your own application like a pro.

If you like to purchase our Do it Yourself Immigration Kits but not sure if you are eligible yet for that application then contact Akrami & Associates to assess your eligibility.

With Akrami & Associates there is always a way!!

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