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Economic Class is a broad category if you fall under one of these categories the Skilled Worker Class, Quebec Skilled Worker Class, Provincial Nominees, Entrepreneurs Class, Investor Class, Self Employed Class or the Canadian Experience Class then you qualify under the Economic Class. There are various selection factors to be considered under the mentioned classes, watch our video and find out if you meet the eligibility criteria to apply under the Economic Class categories.

Canada Economic Class Who Qualifies

Economic immigrants are people selected for their skills and ability to contribute to Canada's economy; these include skilled workers, business immigrants, provincial and territorial nominees, live-in caregivers, Canadian experience category, self-employed and investor class. Essentially, when applying under one of the economic classes you as the applicant have to demonstrate you will be economically established in Canada.

Since the Express Entry came into place in 2015 the requirements for the Economic Class has not changed. The only difference is that before you applied under the Economic Class but now you apply through the Express Entry Route. Once you get the Invitation to Apply under the Express Entry you are eligible to apply under the Federal Skilled Worker Program, Federal Skilled Trades Program, Canadian Experience Class and the Provincial Nominee Program. But essentially the government will decide which category you should apply under.

Under the Federal Skilled Class you are assessed based on the following criteria to determine how economically established you are. These include your language abilities, education, work experience, age, arranged employment and adaptability in Canada. Your application is assessed based on these six factors mentioned above and how many points you have attained in each category. You have to get a minimum score of 67/100 points under the federal skilled category.

Some applicants don’t score 67 points they may score a little bit lower. If you score a little bit lower it does not mean you should stop your application, you can ask for substitute evaluation which is up to the discretion of the officer. Remember, your application is assessed based on how you will be economically established in Canada. Perhaps you will have sufficient funds to show that you will be able to support yourself when you score lower points in other categories.

So if you are vastly away from 67 points, let’s say you scored 20 or 30 then it is not worth your while to submit your application. But if you are close to the 67 points such as scoring 65 or 66 points then you can demonstrate to the immigration officer that you are economically established.

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