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Do you have multiple immigration needs? Want to sponsor a spouse but also want them to be able to visit? Watch our video and learn about Spousal Sponsorship Dual Intent.

Spousal Sponsorship Dual Intent

Dual intent is when someone has two intents one is for temporary residence in Canada while the other is for permanent residence in Canada. So for example, a foreign national may have intention to become a permanent resident of Canada through filing a spousal application and at the same time wants to come to Canada to either study, work or just simply come for tourism until a decision is made on the permanent application. This is totally acceptable as long as the immigration officer is satisfied that the foreign national will exit Canada by the end of their authorized stay. So as the applicant you get assessed by the immigration officer that your intentions are temporary should your permanent residence application get refused. If the officer believes you have no intentions to leave Canada then your temporary document will be refused. The immigration officer looks at the length of time the foreign national will be spending in Canada, how they will support themselves while in Canada, if the applicant has sufficient ties to their home country and whether the visitor meets the requirements under category.

There are many reasons your temporary visa may can be refused these include having a inadmissibility issue back home, not showing sufficient ties to your home country, violated a past immigration regulation such overstaying your welcome stay in Canada, having a serious health issue that can be threat to Canadian citizens, not showing sufficient documents that you will exit Canada.

If you have dual intentions to Canada but unsure where to start or what documents to submit with your application then contact us today. Our representative will assess your situation and determine best options available to you. Akrami & Associates submitted many successful applications for individuals that have dual intentions to Canada and we can certainly assist you too.

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