Family Class Residency Requirements for Sponsors

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Residency Requirements

In assessing residency requirements for sponsorship purposes a sponsor must maintain a significant connection to Canada.

Officers Will Consider Whether You:

  • Maintained a residence in Canada,
  • Have spouse and/or children resident in Canada,
  • Has assets in Canada,
  • Paid Canadian income tax on global income,
  • Visited Canada regularly,
  • Maintained investments, bank accounts, health insurance or club memberships in Canada.

Sponsors May Be Found Ineligible to Sponsor if:

  • They maintained residences in two countries at the same time,
  • They have a house in Canada, but work abroad,
  • They have interrupted their residence in Canada or spend little time in Canada. Foreign stamps or post marks on the envelope, a foreign employer or the sponsor's non-Canadian address are indications the sponsor may not be residing in Canada,
  • There is evidence that they will leave Canada soon after the sponsored applicant becomes a permanent resident, Sponsors must satisfy an officer they will continue to reside in Canada after the member of the family class becomes a permanent resident,
  • Sponsors are not ineligible if they take short holidays or business trips outside Canada.

The Following Applies to Canadian Citizens Living Abroad:

  • Canadian citizens who reside abroad may sponsor only their spouse, common-law partner, conjugal partner or a dependent child who does not have dependent children of their own,
  • Must submit sponsorship application package and fees to the CPC-M in Canada and not to the visa office,
  • Canadian citizens who are tourists in a foreign country, even for extended periods, are still residents of Canada,
  • Canadian citizens who are long-term workers or students in another country are generally considered residents of that country,
  • Sponsors must provide evidence that they will reside in Canada after the sponsored persons and their family members become permanent residents.

Evidence That Sponsors Will Reside in Canada May Include One or More of the Following:

  • Letter from an employer,
  • Letter of acceptance to a Canadian educational institution,
  • Proof of having rented/bought a dwelling in Canada

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