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Sponsorship Agreement

The Sponsorship Agreement is a written contract in which sponsors and applicants make promises to each other. The sponsor submits a completed, signed Sponsorship Agreement with the sponsorship application. The agreement does not need to be the agreement in the application kit, as long as it is clear that it is a legal and binding contract and is signed by the persons listed below.

A sponsorship application without a signed agreement is not complete.

Sponsors promise to provide for the basic requirements of sponsored applicants and accompanying family members for the period of the undertaking, including food, shelter, clothing, necessary goods or services, and health and dental care not already covered.

Sponsors also promise that:

  • Their financial obligations will not prevent them from providing for the applicants,
  • Sponsored foreign nationals will not need to apply for social assistance

Applicants promise to make reasonable efforts to provide for their basic requirements and those of their family members.

Sponsor (and co-signers) and applicants are bound by their obligations after signing the agreement. They cannot withdraw the agreement unless the entire undertaking is withdrawn prior to visa issuance (for applicants abroad) or before permanent resident status is granted (for applicants in Canada).

Who Signs the Sponsorship Agreement?

  • Sponsor (and co-signers, if applicable) and sponsored applicant(s) aged 22 or over,
  • An applicant under 22 if they are the spouse, common-law or conjugal partner of the sponsor

Signature when person under a power of attorney

A power of attorney is a legal document where a person delegates to another the power and authority to act on their behalf in general or in specific matters. There is no legal impediment to a person duly appointed in the power of attorney document, from signing a sponsorship application on behalf of an able-minded or incapacitated client provided the power of attorney gives them the authority to do this.

Who Does Not Need to Sign the Agreement?

  • Dependent children under 22,
  • Sponsored children over 22 with a physical or mental condition that is such that they are unable to support themselves.

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