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Family class applications like sponsorship applications are geared towards reuniting family members around the world. When completing your sponsorship application there are a number of things you should know on how to complete your application.

First is making sure you have all the correct forms. It is recommended that the forms be completed last as information may change by the time the application is submitted or updated forms may be released by Citizenship and Immigration Canada. You will also want to make sure that you have gathered the correct documentation and that the information in your supporting documents clearly reflects the information completed on the application forms.


  • Application to Sponsor and Undertaking – IMM 1344A
  • Sponsorship Agreement – IMM 1344B
  • Sponsorship Evaluation – IMM 5481 or Financial Evaluation – IMM 1283
  • Sponsor Questionnaire – IMM 5540
  • Generic Application Form for Canada – IMM 0008
  • Additional Dependants/Declaration – IMM 0008 DEP (if applicable)
  • Schedule A: Background Declaration – IMM 5669
  • Spouse/Partner Questionnaire – IMM 5490
  • Additional Family Information – IMM 5406

Once you have an understanding of the information that will be requested of you, gather all the appropriate documentation as per the checklist as well as any additional documentation that supports your application.

Supporting Documents:

  • Travel Documents and Passports for sponsor and applicant
  • Sponsor – Option C Printout
  • Sponsor – Proof of Employment
  • Identity and Civil Status Documents for sponsor and applicant
  • Dependant information, if applicable
  • Applicant - Police Certificates and Clearances
  • Photos Meeting Specifications
  • Applicant – Proof of Medical Exam completed by a Panel Physician
  • Proof of relationship for applicant and sponsor

Finally, determine where you will be submitting your application and prepare an envelope to the appropriate address as indicated. Be sure to include the processing fee receipt as proof of payment.

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