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Interested in obtaining Permanent Residency in Canada as a Federal Skilled Trades person? Concerned with your finances? Watch our video to find out how you can satisfy the immigration officer that you will not rely on social assistance, you are able to contribute to the Canadian economy, you are able to support yourself and much more.

Federal Skilled Trades Funds Available

When applying for Federal Skilled Trades Program the immigration officer looks if you have sufficient funds to care of yourself and any other individuals joining you such as spouse and dependent children. There is no set dollar figure for Federal Skilled Trades Program but the immigration officer basically looks for if you are able to adapt and support yourself and contribute to the Canadian economy and not rely on social assistance or be a burden to Canadian society.

Meeting the minimum requirements under this program does not mean you are guaranteed Permanent Residency. The officer does not look only if you meet the minimum requirements but also whether or not you will be successful in Canada such as supporting yourself and contributing to the Canadian economy.

To determine if you are good fit for Canada it is recommended to review the cost of living of where you want to reside in Canada by looking at the prices for rent, homes, property tax, hydro cost, grocery cost etc. Once you have determined the cost of living in the area you intend to live in, you can make a counter argument with the immigration officer showing how much it will cost for rent, hydro, property tax etc and how you meet all these minimum requirements by showing your finances that you are able to support yourself and family. 

To determine if you are eligible to apply and how much funds you should have available then contact Akrami & Associates today.

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