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With the reopening of the Federal Skilled Worker program, new criteria have also been encompassed in the new application. Among these new criteria, applicants are now required to have any foreign educational credentials assessed by a recognized assessment agency.

Why do I need to have my credentials assessed for the Federal Skilled Worker program?

If you are submitting a Canadian educational credential, you are not required to have it assessed. If you are submitting a foreign credential, it must be assessed prior to submitting your application. The assessment is used to verify that your foreign education is valid and equal to a completed credential comparable to Canada. All applicants who received their education outside of Canada will have to undergo this process.

How do I get my credentials assessed for the Federal Skilled Worker Program?

You must first choose an organization that has been recognized by Citizenship and Immigration Canada. Once you have selected one:

  • Gather all the documents they may require
  • Follow their instructions as each organization may have different procedures
  • Pay the appropriate fees

How do I choose an organization to have my credentials assessed?

Each occupation, except for specialist physicians, general practitioners and family physicians, can be assessed by any Citizenship and Immigration Canada designated organization but here are things to consider when choosing the right organization for you:

  • Some organizations are partnered with regulatory bodies or other employers in Canada. This means that, depending on the organization, an assessment completed by them might be useful for employment purposes in the future
  • Check what documents are required by each organization and make certain you are able to obtain them
  • Costs may also vary between organizations, find one which works best for your current financial situation
  • Check processing times as well if time is a factor for you

Note, specialist physicians, general practitioners and family physicians need to be assessed by the Medical Council of Canada.

What are the designated assessment organizations?

Citizenship and Immigration Canada has determined the following list of bodies to be recognized to complete such assessments:

  • Comparative Education Service – University of Toronto School of Continuing Studies
  • International Credential Assessment Service of Canada
  • World Education Services
  • Medical Council of Canada (professional body)

How do I submit my assessment for my Federal Skilled Worker application?

You will submit your assessment with your application along with copies of your diplomas, degrees, transcripts etc.. Do not forget to keep a copy of your report for future use. Do Not send the report to Citizenship and Immigration Canada directly, it must be submitted along with your application.

 How many points do I get for my education?

There is a hundred-point system for the Federal Skilled Worker program which encompasses points allocated for the six selection factors. To pass, you will require a minimum of 67 points. A maximum of 25 points are attributed to your education based on the level of your education compared to Canadian standards.

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