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Submitting an application to Citizenship and Immigration Canada is essentially an application for your hopes and dreams in Canada. Filling out the application forms, gathering documents and waiting the processing times are difficult enough. It can be a very stressful experience especially when doing so without the support of a legal representative.

There's no greater disappointment for an applicant or sponsor than receiving a negative decision on their matter. Many times these decisions are made without notifying the applicant of what the reasons for refusal are. Do not worry, just because you have received a refusal does it mean that it's the end of your options. You can always refile.

Akrami & Associates has helped many clients who have come to us disheartened after a refusal on their application. After they explained the situation we have assessed the merits of the case with potential options, we take over the matter for there.

The first step is to obtain reasons for refusal. If your application was returned without the reasons for refusal we will request this from Citizenship and Immigration Canada. This is the basis on which we will compile a new and stronger application for you. We will understand the officers needs and the reasons why the application was refused.  This will help determine where your case will need to be strengthened.

Many applications are refused because of a lack of documents that satisfies an officer of the requirements being met. For example, many people are unsure of how to collect documents that demonstrate ties to their home country when applying for temporary matters. When applying for such things as a temporary resident visa, an officer will need to be satisfied that the applicant will leave Canada at the end of their authorized period of stay.

Lack of explanation is also a reason that an application may be refused. It is at the officers discretion whether not to approve your application, just because you provide documents that you understand does not necessarily mean an officer reviewing your case will. Providing an explanation of the documents you have submitted may help satisfy an officer by connecting the pertinent points together.

After you have been refused, it is that much harder to be successful the second time around. That is why submitting a strong application the first time around is your best bet for a successful outcome. If you have been refused, there's no need to worry because Akrami & Associates is here for you. Contact us so that we may help you turn negative decision into a positive one.

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