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If you cannot meet certain requirements to remain in Canada, you may be able to submit an application with Humanitarian and Compassionate arguments to continue your permanent residency in Canada. Watch our video to learn more. 

Humanitarian and Compassionate Arguments

"What are humanitarian and compassionate applications?" you may ask. Humanitarian and compassionate applications are also referred to as H and C applications. You could file a humanitarian and compassionate application as an argument that can be used which is the hardships you would encounter if you were to return to your country of origin. You may use this application to apply for permanent residence from within Canada. This could be for reasons such as not having family in your country of origin, you don’t have a home and you will not be able to support yourself. You can prove that by showing research from the human rights organization. It could be an organization from here in North America or from your home country; also, reports from the Immigration and Refugee board from Canada can be used as well.

In order to ensure a good chance of success for your application, it is always good to include a sufficient amount of documents in order to further prove your situation to the border/immigration officer. Some pieces of "proof" could be letters from family and friends who will describe what state your country is in at the time, what life is like and how bad the circumstance are in your country of origin, what would most likely happen to you if you were to go back, and possibly some pictures of the situation back home as well.

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