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Canadian Immigration Application Fees

Canadian Immigration Application Fees

Are there fees when submitting a Canadian Immigration Application?

Yes, there are fees that are going to be required of you to pay when applying to immigrate to Canada.

The fees are set up as follows:

Skilled Worker/ Family Class Principal Applicant $550

Self-employed Principal Applicant $1,050

Each family member that will be accompanying you over $550

the age of 22

Each family member that will be accompanying you $150

under the age of 22

Right of Permanent Resident Fee $490

(this can be paid upon your arrival/landing into Canada)

** Please note that these fees can change at any given time, please ensure that you are checking before you submit your application**

When should you pay the government fee(s)?

The Canadian government fee that you will be required to pay should be submitted along with your Canadian Immigration Application. These fees are able to be refunded at any given time before the assessment of your application by a Canadian Immigration Visa Officer has started.

What if there are Provincial fees as well?

If there are any Provincial fees that you are required to pay, you will be asked to pay them at the time that your application is submitted to the specific province in which you are applying to.

What about the Right of Permanent Resident Fee?

This fee is one that will be required of you to pay prior to the issue of your Canada Immigration Visa (a.k.a. Permanent Resident).

Is the Right of Permanent Resident Fee refundable?

The Right of Permanent Resident fee is refundable if for whatever reason you do not end up becoming a Canadian Permanent Resident.

What currency should you be paying your fees in?

Your fees should be paid in Canadian currency.

Does that stand for every application fee?

Actually, no it doesn’t! In terms of your Right of Permanent Residency fee it may depend on whether or not you are paying inside or outside of Canada.

If your fees are payable outside of Canada, you will be required to check with whichever Canadian Visa Office is processing your application in order to figure out the currency you should pay in.

What about other applications?

In terms of Temporary Resident Visas, Work Permit or Study Permits they are normally ones that are submitted to Canadian Visa Offices but outside of Canada. If one of these applies to you, you should be checking with the closest Canadian Visa Office to you in order to ensure that the fees in which you pay are correct.

Are there any other fees that you should know about?

There will be fees that are attached to the medical examination that you are required to complete on top of the application.

However, there are other fees that are associated with translation of documents, having your educational credentials assessed, etc.

What if you have questions or need some clarity?

Well, that’s where we come to your rescue! If there is any part of the fees that you are unsure about or would like more clarity for please feel free to contact our firm and let us assist you. We have tons of experience with immigration matters and would be more than happy to help in any way that we can.

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