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Caps are Closing for Citizenship and Immigration Canada

2014 – 2015 promises to be an exciting year in terms of changes that will be happening within Citizenship and Immigration Canada<. With the re-opening of the Parental Sponsorship Category, changes to Canadian Citizenship, 2014 is setting the tone for the changes to come.

That being said, there has never been a better time to immigrate to Canada. However, if it is your goal to obtain Permanent Residence through one of Canada’s many lucrative programs, you should act fast.

Currently, some of the most sought after categories, like the Federal Skilled Worker Program and The Canadian Experience Class Program for example, all have caps. This means that there is a limited amount of complete applications that Citizenship and Immigration Canada is will to review in a year.

Unfortunately, after only 33 short days of processing, the Parental Sponsorship has reached the cap of 5,000 applications for the year. Citizenship and Immigration Canada is no longer accepting Parental Sponsorship applications for the year of 2014!

These caps fill up fast and you will never know until it is too late. Citizenship and Immigration Canada rarely updates on the status of application types until they are closed.

That being said, know the cap of the application type you are applying for and understand that it is only a matter of time that it will fill. The Canadian Experience Class application, which facilitates Permanent Residence for those who have already obtained skilled work experience in Canada, has a cap of 12,000 applications for the year of 2014.

Further, the Federal Skilled Worker Application which offers Permanent Residence to those who can occupy a position which is on the list of eligible jobs in Canada, has a cap of 5,000 applications in total; a 300 application cap per eligible occupation. This does not apply to those who have a current offer of Arranged Employment.

The Federal Skilled Trades Program, like the other, also has a cap. There are currently 43 priority occupations eligible for processing under the program. There is an annual cap of 3,000 applications, with sub-caps of 100 each per the 17 occupations that are considered in moderate labour market demand. There are no sub-caps on the other 26 in-demand jobs, though the overall cap of 3,000 applies in total.


That being said, even if you do not make the cut off for the year, you should still be preparing your application in advance so that you are ready to submit when the program re-opens. Speak to one of our representatives so that we can make sure that you are ready to go when it is your turn to apply. With Akrami & Associates, there is always a way. 

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