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How to Renew the Live in Caregiver Work Permit

How to Renew the Live in Caregiver Work Permit

Live in Caregiver Work Permit

After getting the Live-in Caregiver Work Permit, it is important for you to keep the track of its validity otherwise it could cause a problem while you stay in Canada. Live-in Caregiver Work Permit just like any other visa or status in Canada requires extension in case an individual wants to stay longer in Canada for the purposes of employment etc.

Live in Caregiver Work Permit Requirements

There are requirements which are necessary for the individuals who want to apply for extension of their Work Permit. To keep up with those requirements the Live-in Caregivers has to meet the following requirements:

  • Live-in Caregivers must meet the requirements of the LCP in order to stay eligible for a new Work Permit or an extension of their permit under the LCP.
  • Live- in Caregivers may not start doing any other job relating to the same field without a valid Work Permit. At any time a Live-in Caregiver works at any other home apart from the home of his/her employer under the LCP or a non-LCP Work Permit, it won’t be considered the period of employment required to be eligible for Permanent Residence.
  • Live-in Caregiver can only work under the employer whose name has been on the application of status holder. If the Live-in Caregiver works under another employer who is not even registered on their application, it will jeopardize the application and their status in Canada.

It is important for Live-in Caregiver status holders to know about these requirements to retain their status in Canada legally. It is your responsibility to make sure that your Live-in Caregiver work permit is extended before its expiry date. If any of your employment situation changes and you want to work for a new employer, in a case like this you will have to apply for a new work permit. If you leave your job or lose your job, you may have to provide additional supporting documents. You may be eligible to qualify for permanent residence status in Canada once you have gained enough work experience as a live-in caregiver.

How to Extend Live in Caregiver Work Permit

Some people who are not familiar with travel documents do not know how to spot an expiry date. Immigration officials have their own language to describe in written form if the person is valid till a particular period of time or not eligible at all. You are not alone if you had been to the port of entry and came out scratching your head, not knowing what the document means and how long the duration of stay is. You might ask some people how do I know when my Work Permit expires? Well there is a simple answer to this, the date when your Work Permit expires is on the Work Permit on the top right side and under the heading ‘Valid Until’. Normally the date when your Work Permit expires is on the Work Permit.

It is preferable for every applicant that they should apply to extend their work permit at least 30 days before the expiry date of their status. Your temporary status will prevail until the decision has been made on your application.

Where to Submit Live in Caregiver Work Permit Application

If you have to submit your application you will have to mail your application and required documents to the address provided in the application guide. Make sure you include your file number, your first and last name, and your date of birth. Send your application to change the conditions of your work permit with a letter to explain at least 30 days ahead of time before your expiry. Below is the address to submit the application:

Case Processing Centre

Unit 202

Vegreville, Alberta

T9C 1X5

You may apply for a bridge extension, if you are looking for another job and your work permit is about to expire. Bridge extension is a short-term temporary work permit given to live-in caregivers who are finding job but not yet found a new employer. Make sure you indicate clearly on your form that you are applying specifically for a “bridge extension.” This bridge extension is usually for a specific period of two months.

You can submit this application any time and it allows you to remain in Canada legally. However, it does not allow you to work for a new employer. If your work permit expired before you could even submit an application to extend its expiry date, you can apply for a new work permit to restore your status within 90 days of the expiry date. You will need to submit the copy of your Labour Market Impact Assessment, because this will be the document your new future employer would obtain from Employment and Social Development Canada before they could hire you.

Can I Work Without a Work Permit in Canada?

A word of advice for everyone who belongs to this category of visa, it is illegal to work in Canada without a valid Work Permit. If you do not extend your Work Permit or apply for a new Work Permit, you will be without status and may be subject to enforcement action. You will have to leave Canada.

Applying for a Work Permit for your new job

Before you start working for a new employer, you will have to apply for a new Work Permit at least 30 days before its expiry date. Your Work Permit could be cancelled if you work for anyone other employer apart from the person named on your Work Permit. Therefore, you must only work for an employer whose name is on your application for the permit. You are not even allowed to work for someone else just as internship or to try new things out. Do not let your Work Permit expire before you apply for a new one. You may not remain in Canada after your Work Permit expires unless you have applied already for a new Work Permit or have been approved to stay in Canada through some new immigration process. To be able to meet the work requirements and to apply for Permanent Residence, you must continue to live in the home of your employer.

If you are switching jobs, you must find a new employer who has requested and received a Labour Market Impact Assessment for a caregiver to live in their home. You must submit:

  • a copy of a Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA), a document that your future employer must obtain from ESDC before they hire you
  • a signed employment contract with your new employer

If your employer has applied for a LMIA, but so far has not received any reply on it, and your Work Permit is about to expire within two weeks. In this particular situation you can apply to renew your Work Permit. You must send your application of renewal to the Case Processing Centre in Vegreville, Alberta, it must include:

  • proof of a job offer
  • proof that your employer has submitted a request to Service Canada (SC) for a new LMIA

A decision regarding your work permit application will be made within two months. Your temporary status as a worker will continue under the same conditions until a final decision has been made on your application.

Contact Akrami & Associates

If you want further information on Live-in Caregiver program and if you want some clarification in regards to your renewal application or if you want us to apply for your renewal, please do consider Akrami & Associates for all your legal needs. Our team of dedicated consultants and lawyers will take good care of you by presenting the best possible case for you and your loved ones.

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