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How to Write a Good Employment Reference Letter

     Whether you are a business visitor, applying for a work permit or applying for permanent residence through the Federal Skilled or Canadian Experience class program, a well written employment letter can be an excellent way to strengthen your case.

For some application types, an employment reference letter is a requirement. For others, it can be used as supplementary documentation you can provide to demonstrate your skills, work history, character and stability.

A strong employment reference letter should have basic key features, including but not limited to:

  • Being written on company letterhead
  • Signed by the appropriate officer
  • Containing the address and contact information of your employer
  • The duration of employment
  • The title of your position
  • The skills or duties entailed in your employment
  • The National Occupational Classification (NOC) code, if possible
  • Your total salary including benefits
  • Number of hours worked per week

Having pertinent details such as the company letterhead, address and contact information adds credibility to the letter and will address any concerns on the letter’s veracity that an immigration officer may have. Further, providing the original letter with signature will also address this concern.

Details of your employment such as title, duties and NOC code will help provide the officer with the details of your experience as well as a sense of your education level. This can go a long way with convincing an officer that you have the necessary skills required for an application, or that your intended purpose in Canada accurately reflects your proven abilities.

Other such information, including your salary, type of work and duration of work suggest to your financial situation, your character as well as your adaptability. Having longevity of employment, for example, not only reflects on your work experience and acquired skills but also denotes to the determinedness and “hard working” nature of your character. These concepts will help demonstrate to an officer that you will be able to contribute to Canada economically but also that you are of strong moral turpitude.

An employment reference letters are an important tool for anyone applying through a number of various application types. Akrami & Associates understands this and will help you and your employer build a strong reference letter that will help you achieve your goals in Canada.


We will not only outline what you will need, but provide you with the necessary tools to help create the highest possible chance for success on your matter. 

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