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Open a Business in Canada

Open a Business in Canada

Looking to open up a business in Canada? Well you can start your business today through the business immigration program. This program will assess you based on your ability to develop and support the Canadian economy. Below are three ways you can open your business in Canada:

Investor program:

This program requires you to have a high net worth in order to apply and gives you the opportunity to migrate to Canada and establish your own enterprise.


  • You must plan to live outside of the province of Quebec
  • You must have a net worth of $10 million dollars
  • You must obtain a due diligence report from one of the designated service providers
  • You must be willing to make an at-risk investment of $2 million to the immigration investor venture capital fund
  • Language skills must be proficient in English or French
  • You must have a completed a Canadian postsecondary program for at least one year or
  • A foreign equivalent validated by an Educational Credential Assessment report


If you open your business this way, it can lead you to permanent resident status if you satisfy the officer that you have sufficient experience and will be able to establish a business.

You must have experiences in at least one of the following:

  • Cultural activities
  • Athletics
  • Farm management

If you have experience in cultural or athletics you must intend to make significant contribution in Canada in those areas. If you have experience in farm you must intend and be able to buy and manage a farm in Canada. Also needed is at least two years of experience in one of the areas listed above.

Start up visa:

This visa is focuses more on foreign entrepreneurs bringing their ideas to Canada.

For a star up visa you will need:

  • Proof that business is supported by a designated organization
  • To meet the language requirements
  • To meet the education requirements
  • Sufficient settlement funds
  • To show you have enough money to support yourself and your dependents

You will need to give a letter of support from a designated organization stating that they support your business idea.

If you are interested in starting a business in Canada, do not get caught up in the complexity of doing so on your own. Contact us and we would be happy to guide you through the steps.

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