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Understanding Removal Orders

Understanding Removal Orders

I have a Removal Order

A removal order is a notice from the government informing you that you must leave Canada, and giving conditions on when and how you must do. A removal order is issued by Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) or the Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA), and they can be issued to any Canadian permanent resident or foreign national who is in Canada, whom they believe to be inadmissible for any reason. When you receive a removal order, it is important for you to comply with it, try to understand why you were ordered to leave, and understand if there is any further action you can take to appeal the order. This blog will help you understand your situation if you receive a removal order, and explain the potential nest steps you could take, to be able to return to Canada again.

Types of Removal Order

1. Departure Order

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Authorization to Return to Canada ARC

Authorization to Return to Canada

Have you been subject to a removal order?

If so, you may have to acquire an Authorization to Return to Canada (ARC), depending upon the type of removal order you were subject to. It is important to note that a decision on your admissibility may only be made when you apply to come to Canada or at the port of entry. There are three types of removal orders; departure order, exclusion order, or deportation order.

The departure order allows you to return to Canada without an ARC if you followed the correct procedures. This means that, when you received the deportation order, you left Canada within thirty days and you confirmed your departure with an immigration officer at the port of exit. If you did not follow proper procedures, your departure order automatically becomes a deportation order, and an ARC application will need to be made.

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