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All About Significant Benefit Work Permits

All About Significant Benefit Work Permits

What is a Significant Benefit Work Permit?

Do you have an interesting business idea, or are an entrepreneur who thinks they have a business idea which could be beneficial to Canadians, then the Canadian government has the program for you! Assuming you as well have an interest in doing business in Canada, the Canadian government is willing to permit you to work in Canada for quite an extended period of time, provided they determine you qualify for this unique type of work permit. I am talking about a significant benefit work permit (SBWP). As it sounds, the significant benefit work permit is available to foreign nationals who are presumed to be a significant benefit to Canadian society. As such, there is a fairly tough evaluation process behind granting individuals a SBWP. Not to worry though, Akrami and Associates is here to help you understand if you could apply for a SBWP, and how to go about doing this.

Who Can Apply for A Significant Benefit Work Permit?

Well, as I briefly mentioned, you must be in a position to bring business to Canada which is of significant benefit either socially, economically, or culturally. As such, you must be able to plan and outline what you intend to contribute to Canada, how this is going to benefit Canada, and how you are going to be successful in creating and maintaining your endeavors. This may not sound like much, but it is much more complicated that drawing up a pipedream plan and hoping a Canadian immigration officer appreciates the sound of the idea. You must make an immigration officer feel confident that you have a good, beneficial idea, and the means to achieve this idea in all likelihood. The importance of your business plan should not be underestimated. It is by far the most influential aspect of this type of application. Furthermore, you must be admissible to Canada. This means you cannot be criminally inadmissible, medically inadmissible, inadmissible due to prior misrepresentation, or any other reason.

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