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Super Visa and Visitor Visa in Canada: Highlight the Differences

Super Visa Canada

Are you planning to visit Canada to meet your children and grandchildren but are unable to do so? With a Super Visa, you can enter Canada, if you meet all the eligibility criteria. The good news for all Super Visa holders is that you can stay with your near and dear ones for up to 5 years at a time. But, what’s wrong with a Visitor Visa? Won't you be allowed to stay in Canada for a long time with a Visitor Visa?

Let’s explore the basics of a Super Visa and a Visitor Visa, and how these two differ.      

Understanding Super Visa and Visitor Visa

A Super Visa allows an individual to visit his/her children or grandchildren for about 5 years at a time. Super Visa offers multiple entries for around 10 years. Once you enter Canada, the border service officer will affirm your duration of stay in the country.

To receive a Super Visa, you need to meet all the designated criteria. Besides other definite requirements for this Visa, an individual must be eligible for medical insurance.

However, if you want to stay in Canada for 6 months or less, you can apply for a Visitor Visa.

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Who is eligible to apply?

Canada is not far away if you fulfill all the eligibility requirements for Super Visa.

You must be the parent or grandparent of a permanent Canadian resident or a Canadian citizen.

You need to possess a letter duly signed by your child or grandchild who is sponsoring your stay in Canada. This is likely to include:

  • A promise of financial assistance for your length of stay in the country
  • The list of people in the household of this individual
  • Evidence of Canadian citizenship

You need to present proof of medical insurance from an insurance organization in Canada. This medical insurance must be:

  • Paid in installments or in full of a deposit
  • Valid for at least one year from the date you entered the country
  • Cover your hospitalization, repatriation and healthcare
  • Offer at least $100,000 in emergency coverage

Financial Assistance

The child or grandchild sponsoring your stay in Canada must meet the minimum necessary income. What can you use as proof of funds?

  • Employment insurance benefit statements
  • Pay stubs
  • Notice of Assessment (NOA) for the recent tax year
  • Employment letter highlighting job title, salary and others
  • Bank statements

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How does a Super Visa differ from a Visitor Visa?

Usually, most visitors to Canada stay for about 6 months during their first visit. Visitors willing to stay longer must apply for an extension and pay a new additional fee for the same.

Conversely, eligible parents and grandparents can visit their loved ones in Canada under the Super Visa. This will permit them to stay in Canada for a longer period.

The Super Visa is a multi-entry Visa that permits multiple entries for about 10 years in Canada. The only crucial difference is that a Super Visa allows a person to stay in Canada for up to 5 years at a time, while a multiple-entry Visa possesses a status period for each entry of 6 months only.

Contact Akrami & Associates to analyze your eligibility for Super Visa.

Final Note

A Super Visa can allow you to stay with your child or grandchild who is a permanent resident of Canada or a Canadian citizen, whereas with a Visitor Visa you can stay for at least 6 months in Canada. Akrami & Associates is an experienced firm dealing with Canadian immigration for many years. If you want to get your Visa done right, contact our experts!

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