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Are you applying for a Work Permit under the NAFTA? If so, watch our video and see if you meet the definition of a manager and how you can qualify to apply under Intra Company Transferee Managerial category  to obtain your Intra Company Transferee Work Permit also known as L1 Visa if you wanted to transfer office location to the US.

Intra Company Transferee Work Permit for Managers

Intra-Company Transfer Work Permit or as Americans call it L1 Visa is created to assist the transfer of employees from a foreign-based company to its branch company in Canada. This type of visa encourages the transmission of knowledge from foreign senior-level or specialized knowledge employees to Canada. There are many requirements one needs to meet to be eligible under this category one them being having a Qualifying Relationship between your home country and the branch you wish to transfer to.

Under this category as the foreign worker you need to have specialized knowledge either as managerial or executive level. This article will focus on the managerial level as there is a lot of overlap with the executive position. If you are manager and applying as the Intra Company Transferee you need to meet certain requirements as the manager. Under the managerial capacity as the employee you manage a department, subdivision, function or component of the organization. Your responsibilities also include supervising and controlling the work of other managers, supervisors or employees. Other responsibilities include recruitment, promotions, taking care of day-day operations etc. The main difference between manager and executive is that as the executive you are not supervising the employees but rather making decisions for the organization.

If you have a managerial position and like to transfer to its Canadian counterpart call us today and let us assess your situation and determine if you fit under the definition of a manager or if you need to apply under a different category.

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