Post Graduate Work Permit Kit

Post Graduate Work Permit Kit
CAD650.00 each

Elite Package


Post Graduate Work Permit Kit

Those who have already obtained experience and education in one of Canada’s eligible post-secondary institutions are able to work in Canada and gain valuable work experience in the Canadian Labour Market. This can also go towards a Canadian Experience Class application to obtaining Permanent status in Canada in the future. This kit will provide you with step by step instructions to providing the right documentation, inform you of the rules and requirements of potentially considering permanent residence in the future, a “how-to” make the most of your career choices, as well as assist you in compiling a strong application with easy to use template. This kit takes into consideration that not everyone is going to be an immigration expert, and you don’t need to be! With this application kit you will be able to file your own application successfully.

Post-grad Work Permit (PGWP) Kit Features GOLD ELITE
Step-By-Step Instructions on the PGWP Application
Benefits of Obtaining This Work Permit in Canada
Understanding Eligible Employers in Canada
How to Gain Valuable Work Experience
Next Step – Permanent Residence
Customized Document Checklist
Step-By-Step Instructions on Competing Forms and Other Supporting Documentation
Ensuring You Choose the Right Employer
How and Where to Submit Your Application
What to Expect After Submitting Your Application
Step-By-Step Instructions on Obtaining Medical Exam
FAQs Post Graduate Work Permit
Template Résumé
Template Submission Letter
Template Supporting Reference Letter
Template Supporting Personal Statement
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