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If you are a foreign national seeking employment in Canada, you'll need to be aware of a labour market opinion. Your employer will need to obtain a Labour Market Opinion before hiring you as a worker. A Labour Market Opinion is an assessment conducted by human resources and skills development Canada that assesses the occupation being offered for its merits as well as ensuring that there's no suitable Canadian citizen or permanent residents who was readily available to take on the position.

Your employer will need to meet such requirements as:

  • Offering proper wage rates
  • Be compliant with the requirements of human resources and skills development Canada has an employer
  • Offer suitable work conditions in accordance with current standards
  • And obtain the proper authorization to hire a foreign worker

As mentioned above, this authorization is known as labour market opinion. In order to obtain a Labour Market Opinion employer will need to demonstrate that they have made active efforts to recruit an eligible Canadian citizen or permanent resident for the position and that man is readily available. This is called demonstrating recruitment efforts. Recruitment efforts can be done a number of ways including Internet as well as utilizing newspaper postings. These postings will need to be available for at least one month. 

After obtaining a resume, an employer should determine whether not those who apply are suitable for the position. Anyone who was considered suitable or meets the requirements of the job should then first be interviewed. If even after an interview, no Canadian citizen or permanent resident is eligible, an employer can use this information to submit their application for a labour market opinion.

Demonstrating recruitment efforts is something that many employers are unaware of as well as their own requirements. Some employers are also unsure of where and how to make suitable postings for the purposes of labor market opinion. This is something that Akrami & Associates can definitely assist you with. Many employers come to us and retain for a Labour Market Opinion and subsequent work permit application for foreign worker they intend to hire.

Akrami & Associates and our team of highly skilled legal professionals has much experience and has assisted many foreign nationals obtained work permits in Canada. Contact us to find out how we can help you.

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