Work permit With Labour Market Opinion (LMO)

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If you are an immigrant to Canada, then you will be familiar with the word “LMO”. In brief LMO means Labour Market Opinion.

What is Labour Market Opinion?

As mentioned above, a Labour Market Opinion, LMO is a legal document issued by the government of Canada to the employer. LMO will allow the applicant, a skilled worker to get a work permit to work in Canada.

The government will issue either a negative or positive LMO to the employer after applying. The employee can use the LMO to get a work permit to work in Canadian.

What are Some Disadvantages of Labour Market Opinion?

  1. It can be difficult in meeting all requirements and to convince the government that there are no other Canadian citizens to do the job.
  2. Remember that a Labor market opinion is issued based on the present LMO needs. For example, if you want to provide a job with a profession that is having high unemployment rates, then you cannot get Labor market opinion easily.
  3. The employer should advertise the job position even if there is an employee fixed for that position. This is to prove to HRSDC that proper attempts were made to find a Canadian citizen for the job. But by advertising, you can get many Canadians who apply for the position.

Things You Need to Know About Labor Market Opinion, LMO:

  1. The applicant should pick the job title and associated NOC number from the list provided by HRSDC. The members of labor market opinion will use the listing to find the accuracy in the salary and to make sure that the employee’s demand in the market.
  2. The employer should advertise the position accurately reflecting the employer needs.
  3. The employer and employee should come up with a job description that can convince your role in the job. The description should include the areas of expertise the employee is having. The area of expertise however should not be a skill that cannot benefit the Canadian employees.
  4. The employee should convince that he can transfer the skill set and can provide proper training to Canadian employee to do your job. This makes sure that the employee is contributing to Canadian labor force.
  5. Remember that you need some time to process the work permit, so make sure that your employer hurries ups with the LMO process.
  6. The primary concern of HRSDC is that the employee is not being underpaid. So the employer should provide proper information of salary.
  7. Employer should advertise the job according to the requirements.

Our firm can help you with both labor market opinion application and work permits. You can get updated information on the Labor market Opinion and work permits to work in Canada. We can speed up the process by properly and correctly following the steps to get the labor market opinion for employers and work permit for employee. We assist the employer with the posting the advertisement. Please contact us today!

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