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If you want to work in Canada as a Live in Caregiver, you will first need to find an employer in Canada who is willing to go through the process of obtaining authorization to hire a foreign worker. This video will discuss the general requirements for the Live in Caregiver Program, such as contract agreement between you and the employer, educational requirements and much more. Watch our video and find out if you qualify to work in Canada as a Live in Caregiver.

Canada Live in Caregiver General Requirements

In order to hire a Live in Caregiver as the employer you first have to secure a Positive Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA), which means the employer has made great attempts to prove to Service Canada that there are no Canadians to fill the position and therefore had no choice but hire a Foreign Worker.

Part of the Live in Caregiver requirement would be to include a written contract with your application as it outlines the essentials of your relationship with the caregiver such as the salary you will be paying them, the hours they will work, where they will reside whether it is inside our outside the home.

Also, the caregiver has to provide documentation that will show he/she meets the education requirements. This can be done by providing documentation that shows successful completion of equivalent Canadian secondary schooling. Another requirement is that the caregiver has to have at least six months of school training or one year of full time work experience. The applicant also has to demonstrate good knowledge of English/French this can be done by showing IELTS result (IELTS exam is not mandatory but would be helpful) or provide any others school documents that show you can speak and write in English/French such as report card or school transcript.

Prior to booking a flight to Canada ensure you have secured your Work Permit. You can apply for a Work Permit once the employer has received a Positive Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA). So the Live in Caregiver application goes through a two-step process, the first is employer specific in which the employer has to secure a Labour Market Impact Assessment once that is approved the applicant move to the second step and can apply for the Work Permit on the approved LMIA.

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