Evidence of Full-time Employment as a Live-in Caregiver

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Live-in Caregiver

Evidence of having worked full-time as a live-in caregiver for a total of 24 months or a total of 3,900 hours in a minimum of 22 months must include:

  • a letter from the current employer showing the start date and confirming the applicant's status as being currently employed;
  • contract(s) with the current and previous employers;
  • record of employment (ROE) for all previous employers. Under the Employment Insurance Regulations, an employer must complete an ROE after every interruption of earnings due totermination of contract, illness or injury. You should have ROEs for each previous job, but will not have one for your current job. HRSDC/Service Canada may assist in cases where a live-in caregiver has difficulty obtaining a ROE from their employer;
  • a statement of earnings showing hours worked and deductions made by the employer(s);
  • a record of wages and deductions sent to the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) by the employer(s); and
  • an "Option C Printout" from CRA from the applicant's date of entry in the LCP.

If the live-in caregiver is still employed with the same employer and any of the above documents are not available, they may provide a statutory declaration stating the terms and conditions of their most recent employment.

Live-in caregivers who select to have their application assessed against the hours -based calculation of the employment requirement (total of 3,900 hours within a minimum of 22 months) must also include timesheets signed by their current and previous employer(s) clearly indicating the date and number of hours worked for all overtime hours hours claimed (maximum of 390 overtime hours allowed) and the Live-in Caregiver – Employer Declaration of Hours Worked (IMM 5634) completed and signed by their current and previous employer(s).

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