Live in Caregiver Recruiters

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"Recruiters" are people, companies or agencies that want to attract live-in caregivers. They usually act for employers who want to hire workers for existing jobs. Some recruiters seek live-in caregivers before employers ask for them. Recruiters may also hire third parties to provide recruitment services.

Recruiters are not immigration practitioners. Immigration practitioners are authorized representatives of foreign nationals. For a fee, immigration practitioner may represent, advise or consult on immigration matters with:

  • a person who wants to enter Canada as an immigrant or a foreign worker; or
  • a person living in Canada as a temporary resident (visitor, worker or student); or
  • a permanent resident of Canada.

In some cases, a person or company may be both a recruiter and an immigration practitioner. If so, the two roles, and the related fees, must be separated for the purposes of the Live-in Caregiver Program.

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