Work Permit Documents for Live in Caregiver

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Documents for Live in Caregiver

An officer reviewing your application will assess it against various factors that you will need to demonstrate. If you do not satisfy an officer that you meet the requirements of the application, they can either refuse it out right or request further documentation.

When an officer reviewing your application requests further documentation, you can expect considerable delays on your application. Submitting a strong case up front that satisfies the officer is your best bet to a speedy and successful outcome.

Some documents required with a Live-in Caregiver Program work permit application are:

  1. proof of having completed the equivalent of Canadian secondary school
  2. proof of six months of full-time training in a classroom setting or one year of full-time paid
  3. employment related to the job in question within the last three years, including at least six
  4. months of continuous employment with one employer
  5. a valid passport
  6. a police certificate from all areas where the applicant has resided
  7. an original birth certificate, original marriage certificate where applicable and, if separated or
  8. divorced, original certificates or, if certificates are not available, written evidence of marital  status
  9. information on close family members
  10. letters of reference from previous employers. Applicants must also provide proof of full-time employment, including proof that the mandatory deductions of that country have been paid.

These mandatory deductions may not apply to you.

For example, in the Philippines, employers are required by law to pay monthly contributions to Philhealth and Social Security System for all employees without exception.

Proof of contributions made is adequate proof that the employee was paid for this employment; OR in the case of overseas employment, applicants must also provide the employment contract

The Employment contract must include:

  • A list of duties,
  • dates of employment, position,
  • copy of passport pages containing the initial entry visa and subsequent work permits the applicant held to work in that country;
  • a copy of the employer's valid LMO confirmation letter from HRSDC/Service Canada

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