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Have a specialized knowledge? Want to work in Canada? Watch our video to learn how you can obtain a NAFTA Work permit and how you can demonstrate you have specialized knowledge within that organization you are applying for.

NAFTA Work Permit Specialized Knowledge

Are you looking to apply for a NAFTA Work Permit under Specialized Knowledge? One of the key things to remember when doing so is that you need to acquire specialized knowledge, transfer that knowledge to another organization and that specialized knowledge is within the organization that you’re being transferred to in Canada. If you’ve only been employed with the company for the minimum requirements of 12 months, sometimes it is hard to prove that you have such specialized knowledge with that organization.

So it’s really preparatory knowledge you have with all the intricacies of the company or that particular department itself. It is not very easy to prove that you acquire specialized knowledge if you have only been with the company for 12 months. If it’s just 12 months you’ve been with the company make sure you outline it as much as possible and in that 12 months you’ve gained such valuable specialized knowledge with that company, yet again sometimes being with the company for x amount of years whether it's 3 years, 4 years, 5 years, 20 years, being with the company you could gain a lot of preparatory knowledge of the organization that will work towards your knowledge.

Also another thing to remember is if you’re special and you have this unique knowledge of the organization, your salary is usually also higher, your salary will match your knowledge. If you’re making $20,000 annually and you argue specialized knowledge that might be a little difficult because if you’re so unique and have that skill for the company most likely the company will pay you much more than $20,000. The salary plays a role, and also your tenure with the company plays a significant role when you argue specialized knowledge.

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