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The Off-Campus Work Permit Program was launched nationally as a formalized program on April 27, 2006, for students at public institutions following a pilot program introduced in 2003. In the last four years, over 8,300 international students have already benefited from the initiative. Prior to the introduction of this program, these students were only allowed to work on the campus of the educational institution at which they were studying.

In Manitoba, public institutions already participating in the program include: Brandon University, Collège universitaire de Saint-Boniface, University of Winnipeg, University of Manitoba, Red River College and Assiniboine Community College. The new pilot project will extend the program to international students in qualifying programs at the Canadian Mennonite University, Providence College and Seminary and William and Catherine Booth College. As a result, students who qualify for the program will be able to work up to 20 hours a week off-campus while classes are in session, and full-time during summer and winter breaks and over reading week.

To qualify for an off-campus work permit, international students must:

  • hold a valid study permit;
  • have studied full-time for at least six months out of the previous 12 months in an eligible institution and in a qualifying program that leads to a degree;
  • have signed a consent form authorizing the exchange of their personal information between the participating institution, the province of Manitoba and Citizenship and Immigration Canada;
  • have satisfactory academic standing in their qualifying program of study at the time of their application for a work permit;,
  • have maintained satisfactory academic standing during the six months of full time study out of the previous 12 months and since their application for a work permit;
  • continue to fulfill the terms and conditions of their Study Permit and work permit, as applicable; and
  • continue to meet the above eligibility requirements while participating in the program.

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