Inland vs Overseas Applications

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Spousal Sponsorship Inland vs Overseas

Depending on your current situation, sponsoring your spouse in Canada or abroad could have a number of different options for you. Each application type has its own merits to be considered prior to determining whether not you should sponsor your spouse from either inside Canada or in their home country.

Being a sponsor in Canada means that your spouse will be able to remain in Canada until a decision is made on the application. However, it is also means that they cannot exit the country or their application will be considered abandoned.

Further, pending approval in principle, your spouse may also qualify for an open work permit. This means that they'll be able to work for any employer in Canada while their applications is being processed. This option does not exist for the overseas application.

Processing times, however, are much more extensive than overseas sponsorship. Some applications can take up to two years at a time. On the other hand, the overseas application are more often than not less processing time.

Finally, an inland application does not have the right to appeal. This means that if your spouse receives a negative decision on the permanent resident application it must exit the country immediately or soon as possible. With an overseas application your sponsor has the right to appeal to the immigration appeals division.

Before you decide whether not your spouse should be sponsored from inside Canada or overseas, ensure you consider these above factors. In addition, spouses who reside overseas, for example, may not wish to be separated from their families overseas for so long and therefore an overseas application makes more sense. At the same time, some spouses are eager to be with each other and in Canada is more suitable for them.

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