What is Startup Sisa and to whom it is applicable

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Startup visa is good for people who want to establish a business or company in Canada and want to immigrate permanently to Canada. This is a new category introduce by Canada immigration department and is first of its kind. It can bring the entrepreneurs who have experience and talent in various sectors and have the expertise to start up the business successfully. There are many reasons to why Canada is chosen as best place for building business for foreign workers and entrepreneurs.

Are you eligible to get a start up visa to Canada?

Determining your eligibility before applying for startup visa to Canada is important and the following things will determine whether you are suitable for a start up visa.

There are four main requirements for the Start Up Visa:

  • Getting the business idea funded: before you apply to the startup visa you should meet the minimum financial requirements and you should have funds to start and make the business successful in Canada. You must convince the investor group that you have necessary funds for your idea to take its form in Canada. If the investor thinks that you have proper funds then he will give you a support letter and you must include this letter in your application as a proof for the funds.
  • Language requirements: you need to have language proficiency to get approved for the startup visa and to start a company in Canada. You should be able to talk, speak, listen and write in English or French and sometimes both to get qualified for the visa. You should also meet the minimum levels in either English or French. You should also take a test to prove your language skills.
  • Education requirements: to get qualified for the visa application, you should possess minimum educational requirements and you should also provide proof of your education qualification.
  • You should have sufficient funds with you. You should show proof that you have sufficient funds to start the business and make it successful in Canada. A proper fleshed out business plan might be needed here.

How do we help you get the startup visa?

Contact Us

You can call us or write us an email. We’ll arrange an appointment for you, where a legal expert will sit with you and assess your case.

Retain the Firm

Once you have retained the firm we will start preparing your case.

Document Checklist

Our immigration expert will discuss your case in detail and will identify the most feasible plan. Based on the selected route, you will be given a checklist of documents that need to be submitted with your application.

Submit the Application

As soon as your application is ready, we’ll submit it to the immigration office. We’ll stay in close contact with the office and will keep you updated regarding the status of the application.


When the decision arrives, we’ll inform you. In case of a refusal, we’ll assist you file an appeal after reassessing the results and your case.

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