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Looking into inviting your family or friends to Canada? Not sure whether to file for Super Visa or Visitor Visa? If so, watch our video and find out which visa will work better for your immigration matter.

Difference between Super Visa and Visitor Visa

One perplexing issue that many ask when researching visas is “What is the difference between a Super Visa and a Visitor’s Visa?” The main difference between the two is the duration between them. Under the Super Visa, only citizens or Permanent Residents of Canada are allowed to apply for their parents’ or grand parents’ application. In contrast, the temporary visa is for anyone who would like to visit Canada; this could be a family member or friend. Essentially, under the visitor’s visa, it does not necessarily have to be a blood relative that applies for you. The other difference between the two is that, as stated, the length between them. The Super Visa is issued for 10 years and the applicant can stay in Canada for 2 consecutive years. After these years, he/she may exit and re-enter since it is a Multiple Entry Visa without re-applying.

However, the Visitor Visa is issued for 6 months and less. Though it could still be a Multiple Entry Visa, it is issued for a lower period of time than the Super Visa. In addition, there are obviously some similarities. For example, they both require an invitation letter (though for the Super Visa the invitation has to come from someone that is proved to be a blood relative). The Super Visa also has a Low Income Cut Off (LICO) requirement, while the Visitor Visa does not. Depending on the size of the family member, you will need to ensure you meet the requirement for your family size. The visitor has no Low-Income Cut Off; however, for the regular Visitor Visa, there is still a rule of thumb to show some financial means to show that you can support your stay in Canada. Also, for the Super Visa, it is mandatory to have medical coverage during the period of at least one year (while this is not a requirement for the Visitor Visa).

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