10 Steps to Immigrate your Parents to Canada

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Currently, parental sponsorships is closed and set to re-open in January 2014. Until then, the other viable solution is what is called the Super Visa. The Super Visa is a valid for up to ten years and will also successful applicants to visit their family in Canada without the need to renew the visa for two years at a time.

Step 1 – Determine Eligibility

The applicant must be the parent or grandparent of a Canadian citizen or permanent resident of Canada and be allowed to enter Canada.

Step 2 – Determine Considerations

When assessing your application a visa officer will take into consideration number of different factors when you apply. Be prepared to demonstrate these factors in your application:

  • Ties to your home country
  • The purpose of your visit
  • Your family and finances
  • The economic stability of your home country
  • The invitation from your Canadian host
  • Have an immigration medical exam

Step 3 – Examining the Requirements of your host

A visa officer will also account for the nature of your trip as well as who is inviting you. They must also meet certain criteria:

  • Your host (child or grandchild) must meet the minimum income threshold or low income cut off. This depends on the size of their family in comparison to their income
  • Provide a written statement that they intend to financially support your stay in Canada
  • They must have valid medical coverage for you for at least one year

Step 4 – Gather the Appropriate Documentation

You should first gather the information before you attempt to complete the forms for a number of reasons. First, the information on the forms should match your documentation.  Second, Citizenship and Immigration Canada may update their forms prior to submitting your application. For this reason, it is wise to do them last to ensure you have the most up to date forms. Documentation you will need could be:

  • Proof that the host is your child or grandchild, typically done utilizing civil documents like birth certificates, baptismal certificates or other documentation that would indicate your connection to the host
  • A letter of invitation from the host which outlines arrangements for care
  • Proof that the host meets the low income cut off. This can be done by providing bank statements or other financial documentation. Your host will have to refer to the income table, which can be found on the CIC website, to determine what his financial responsibilities will be based on the size of his family which includes you and your spouse or Common Law Partner if applicable
  • You will also want to provide proof that would satisfy an officer that you have strong ties to your home country and will not over stay the duration of your visa. This can be demonstrated by showing proof of finances in your home country, proof of any memberships, proof of any ownership or investments etc.

Step 5 – Medical Examination

You will need to also undergo an immigration medical examination. This is not something that any physician, like a family physician, can do unless they are also a panel physician. Panel Physicians are designated medical professionals who complete these exams for the purposes of Citizenship and Immigration Canada. You will need to find the closest panel physician to you and undergo an examination. You will not see the results of this test as it will be sent directly to Citizenship and Immigration Canada for their review. You will provide proof of the exam, which will be provided to you by the panel physician, along with your application. Note, these exams are only valid for one year.

Step 6 – Complete the Forms

You will complete the forms for a Temporary Resident Visa and indicate on the form that you are requesting a Super Visa based on the requested duration of the visa. As well, the documentation you provide will also reflect this. You will indicate Super Visa on Question 1 of the “details of your visit to Canada” portion of the application form as well.

Step 7 – Review Possible Additional Visa Office Requirements

If you are submitting your application from outside Canada, you will need to submit your application to the appropriate visa office abroad responsible for processing applications in your area. These visa offices may also have additional requirements, such as forms or additional documentation, that they will want submitting along with your application aside from the information provided from Citizenship and Immigration Canada. You should make doubly sure not to miss any of these details or risk having your application returned.

Step 8 – Compile your Application

Once the forms are complete and reflective of your supporting documentation, double check the documentation by completing the document checklist and placing all information into an envelope to be submitted to the appropriate visa office. Be sure to include the appropriate proof of fee payment as well. Some visa offices have in person service as well and you may be able to drop your application off directly at the office or even pay your fees there. Double check with the visa office as each have unique criteria on their procedures.

Step 9 – Expect communication from the Visa Office

The visa office processing your application should acknowledge receipt of your application by email or by letter depending on their procedure. They may also request additional information from you should they require it. Processing times are unique for each visa office and you may check these times online.

Step 10 – Decision

Citizenship and Immigration Canada will inform you when a decision is made on your application. There may be additional instructions on how to obtain your visa. Be sure to understand their instructions and follow accordingly.

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