Those who have obtained their permanent residence status in Canada, or who qualify for naturalization, can obtain their Canadian Citizenship through this application. Those applying for citizenship will be assessed on their age, permanent resident status, time you have resided in Canada, language ability, criminal history and how well you know Canada.
Application Submission for Reconsideration Video
Applying for Canadian Citizenship with Criminal Record Video
Are You Applying for Citizenship in Canada?
Business Visitor Visa Exemptions for Artists Video
Canada and Dual Citizenship
Canadian Citizenship
Canadian Citizenship Application for Minors Video
Canadian Citizenship Application Video
Canadian Citizenship Change in Citizenship Act Video
Canadian Citizenship Reforms Video
Canadian Citizenship Requirements
Canadian Citizenship Requirements Video
Canadian Citizenship Video
Canadian Immigration Analysis Video
Canadian Immigration Citizenship Test and Questions Video
Canadian Immigration Citizenship Test Day Video
Canadian Immigration file Takeover Video
Canadian Immigration What happens after Citizenship Test Video
Changes to Canadian Citizenship Video
Changes to Canadian Citizenship Video
Citizenship Refusals in Canada
Determining Your Eligibility
Do You Desire to Become a Canadian Citizen Video
Economic Class Application Six Selection Factors Video
FAQs: Canadian Citizenship
How to Obtain Canadian Citizenship Video
Options to Immigrate to Canada
Options to Immigrate to Canada Video
Qualifying for Canadian Citizenship
Requirements For Becoming a Canadian Citizen?
Residency Calculator Questions
Steps to Obtaining Your Citizenship
Things to Keep in Mind When Applying for Canadian Citizenship
Top 3 Ways to Obtain Canadian Citizenship Video
We Can Help You Apply for Canadian Citizenship
When Should I Start my Immigration Application Video
Will I Lose My Citizenship If I Become a Canadian?
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