Visitor Visa Versus Business Visitor Visa

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Visitor vs Business Visitor Visa

Visitor visa is given to people who want to travel to Canada on the purpose of visiting. Every year CIC gives out thousands of Visitor Visas to foreign nationals. Visitor visa is to make sure that the foreign national doesn't stay in Canada illegally and to make sure that the foreign national is not going to do anything which is prohibited like working.

Who Needs a Visitor Visa?

How to get admission into Canada depends on the country you come from. There are few countries which are visa exempt such as the United States. This means that citizens of the United States do not require to apply for a visitor visa to enter Canada up to a 6 month mark.

How Difficult is it to Get a Visitor Visa?

Getting a visitor visa to enter Canada is difficult because CIC needs to know that you are not a threat to the Canadian Society.

Example of things to show:

  • The applicant applying for visitor visa should have enough money to support himself in Canada during his stay. To prove this statement, he needs to submit all the documents regarding his financial status.
  • The applicant should be able to satisfy CIC that he will not overstay the visa and that he will return home. This can be done by demonstrating all his ties to his home country.
  • The applicant will need to include an invitation letter. The invitation letter essentially needs to outline the purpose of the trip.

All the above stated things are in addition to the application form which is to be carefully filled out before submitting.

How Many Types of Visas are There to Visit Canada?

There are mainly two types of visa and they are the following:

  1. Single entry visa: a single entry visa will allow the holder to visit Canada for one trip. Once the visa holder leaves Canada, he needs another visa to renter into Canada. Usually, a single entry visa lasts for 6 months or the duration the officer has indicated to you.
  2. Multiple entry visas: a multiple entry visa will allow the visa holder to enter Canada on number times. You can enter as many times as you like until the validity of the visa.

Do I Need a Visitor Visa to Attend a Business Meeting in Canada?

There are many people travelling to Canada every year for important business meetings. These people need to obtain a Business Visitor Visa or at least proof that they are entering for business purposes.  The officers are mainly concerned here that you do not enter the Canadian Labour Market.

What is Business Visitor Visa?

With this visa, a foreigner can come to Canada for a short time. It will allow the applicant to:

  • explore the dynamic opportunities in business
  • participate in conferences regarding trade
  • meetings with Canadian counter parts as well as
  • Experience the culture and hospitality of Canada.

How to Get a Business Visitor Visa?

An applicant to get qualified in the Business Visitor Visa program should make sure that he meets all the requirements of the visitor visa program. This Business Visitor Visa is given to people who wants to attend business meetings with companies in Canada temporarily and to people who wants to enhance the business relationships. The business visa holder can usually stay in Canada for up to few days or few weeks. The applicant, to get eligible for this visa must:

  • Prove that he intends to stay in Canada for less than 6 months
  • prove that he is not planning to enter the Labour Market of Canada
  • Prove that his main business and income source is located outside Canada
  • Prove that the profits from his business will accrue from outside Canada
  • Should provide all documents proving the statements above
  • Should have a valid passport or travel document
  • Should prove that he has enough funds to stay and leave Canada
  • Should plan to leave Canada after completing the trip
  • Should prove that he is not a threat to the Canadian society
  • Should not have any criminal background
  • Should prove that he is healthy.

With the business visitor visa, the applicant can travel to anyplace in Canada. During the stay, the applicant can participate in trade shows, meetings, train, supervise etc.

How Our Firm Can Help Applicants to Get Visitor Visa to Canada?

Getting a visa is very difficult. We are in this field for many years and we helped lots of people in obtaining a visitor visa so they can visit Canada. We can do the same for you, no matter what your situation is. Please call us today and we will be happy to assist you with your Canadian visa application.

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