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If you have an immigration goal, why not seek expert advise? A representative can help you achieve those goals and make your dreams in Canada or the US a reality!

Benefits of Hiring a Immigration Lawyer

Having a good attorney can mean a difference between success and failure when submitting an immigration application. Immigration affects your life financially, personally and professionally and can affect the life of those around you.

There are many benefits that come from having good attorney on your side when you are trying to obtain temporary or permanent status in Canada. At Akrami & Associates we get a lot of calls from applicants that have attempted to submit their own immigration application but were unsuccessful with it due to many reasons. Some of these reasons include incomplete forms, not sufficient supporting documents, mailing to incorrect visa office, forgetting to pay government fees and many other reasons.

When submitting an immigration application you have to ensure you are eligible to apply, meet the requirements for that application, ensuring the forms are complete and up to date, paid government fees and included all supporting documents with the application. Most fail to follow instructions or just get overwhelmed and submit an incomplete application to citizenship and immigration Canada.

In order to be effective you need to keep up with the immigration law and know all the changes that are happening. This is where the immigration experts come in; prior to submission the representative reviews the file and ensuring they have compiled a strong application to submit. For example, you may have started the forms and when submitting the application the form was updated and you ended up using the old form. This will automatically be returned to you and will be asked to use the latest updated forms. This can cost money and delays to your application processing times. When hiring Akrami & Associates we ensure everything is complete and up to date prior to submitting the application.

If you like to submit your application correctly the first time around and avoid major headaches we recommend you start your immigration matter with Akrami & Associates.

With Akrami & Associates there is always a way!!

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